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Custom Vehicle and Retail Graphics Company in Central Ohio to Wrap the Kenworth Truck Transporting 2014 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree


Columbus, Ohio – October 14, 2014 – Associated Graphics, Inc. (AGI) is proud to announce it will be producing and installing the graphics to be displayed on the Kenworth Truck delivering this year’s Capitol Christmas Tree to Washington D.C. The installation of graphics will occur at the AGI facility in Plain City, OH Oct. 2021.

With over 17 years of extensive vehicle graphics experience, AGI is the trusted company equipped to produce the graphics to cover the Capitol Christmas Tree transport vehicle. Currently AGI boasts the largest installation network in the U.S. From 1 vehicle to 1,000, AGI installs vehicle and retail graphics across the entire country; however, the Kenworth truck that will carry the tree is being wrapped at the AGI headquarters in a newly remodeled, state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled installation bay.

The entire AGI team is ready to deliver the highest quality product, just as they do for every project. Adam Wright, AGI co-owner, said, “We couldn’t be more pleased that we were selected to participate in such a wonderful tradition.”

Once the truck is wrapped, it will head to Minnesota and prepare to chauffeur the tree on a tour through several states before delivering it to the Capitol in late November. Leading this tour will be the wrapped T880 truck from the Kenworth Truck Co. plant in Chillicothe, Ohio. Kenworth is the manufacturer of “The World’s Best” heavy duty trucks and has built one specifically for this event.

For the past 50 years, a beautiful tree is positioned on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. throughout the holiday season and is often referred to as “The People’s Tree.” At the request of the U.S. Speaker of the House, the 2014 tree will be provided by the Chippewa National Forest in Minnesota.

“What makes this annual tradition special,” Mike Theune, Public Affairs Officer for Chippewa National Forest, said, “is that it is a gift from ‘the people’ and it showcases the natural beauty of the forest and the state.”

The selected White Spruce stands 88 feet tall. It will be cut on Oct. 29 before touring the U.S. on its way to the Capitol. Along with this magnificent spruce, 70 companion trees will make the journey to be placed in various public spaces around Washington D.C. Minnesotans will create 10,000 ornaments for these “community” trees, with a National Forest and wildlife theme to represent their “Land of 10,000 Lakes.”

The U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Tour provides opportunity for citizens to experience the unique story of a state and all of the people and companies involved in organizing this event. For some, a trip to the National Forest may not be possible. This is a way for them to appreciate a part of the splendor when visiting the Christmas Tree in their own community. The tour will stop in 30 different communities between Minnesota and Washington D.C. during Nov. 221.

AGI is the nation’s leader in vehicle and retail graphics and continues to manage the graphics programs for America’s most recognizable brands since the company was founded in 1998. With award-winning design, high-quality products and commitment to unparalleled customer service, AGI has earned a strong reputation throughout Columbus and has been voted “BEST GRAPHICS COMPANY” for six consecutive years by Columbus CEO Magazine. Attention to detail, climate controlled warehousing and fulfillment programs along with a National 3M Certified Installation Network are just a few advantages of selecting AGI as, “Your Visual Communications Partner.”




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Associated Graphics, Inc. (AGI) is the nation’s leader in fleet, vehicle and retail graphics. At this time, AGI is experiencing rapid growth of our company and we are excited to be able to increase our staff in order to keep up with the amount of new clients. We are looking for individuals, who are able to support our team and be an integral part of a graphics company with a collaborative work culture, competitive compensation, and great benefits.


Immediate openings include: 

GRAPHICS PRODUCTION ASSOCIATE, who will be responsible for set up and installation of vinyl graphics onto vehicles. An organized and detail oriented candidate with experience using Gerber Composer, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop applications is a plus, however, not necessary and we will train the right individual!

SALES REPRESENTATIVE is an individual who is focused on the success of closing sales with new clients and is experienced in strong customer service fulfillment. We are looking for someone who is outgoing and will take initiative for the entire selling process while being organized in a fast paced environment.

WIDE FORMAT PRINTER OPERATOR will be responsible for operating, monitoring and maintaining the color printing and finishing equipment including the laminators and printers. This applicant will have the skills to work collaboratively with the Design and Production Departments in order to meet established AGI deadlines.


For additional details about our current open positions, follow us on LinkedIn or visit us online:


Are Vehicle Graphics Cost-Effective?

I’m sure you’ve noticed a significant increase of vehicle wraps and graphics on the road through the years. If you take a drive after work, it would be difficult to find company vehicles without fleet graphics. Vehicle graphics have become more cost-effective through the years, primarily due to increased technology. This said, are vehicle graphics truly a good investment for your company?

Utilizing vehicle graphics is the most affordable and effective form of advertising today. For example, the average cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) for fleet graphics is $0.48 compared to a television spot which will cost an average of $23.70 per CPM, according to recent studies conducted by 3M (see photo for statistics)Image

In addition, utilizing vehicle graphics gives your brand and/or product a “voice” on the road. Adding vehicle graphics to your vehicle converts your standard fleet vehicle into a “rolling billboard”. These “rolling billboards” give you the opportunity to advertise strategic monthly specials, new products or increase overall brand awareness; all of this, while your vehicles are on the road creating revenue.

Last year, Outdoor Advertising Magazine published a study concluding that 96% of respondents thought mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising, such as billboards. 3M and the American Trucking Association stated that 91% of consumer targets noticed the text and graphics on truck advertising.

Advantages of vehicle graphics include, but are not limited to:

  • More affordable than print advertising
  • Reaches more people than television
  • Gives your brand a “voice” on the road
  • More memorable than a standard billboard

The million dollar question still remains, are vehicle graphics cost-effective in today’s marketplace? Most companies would agree they can’t afford not to utilize Vehicle Graphics.


Written by: Scott Fronzaglia

Vehicle Graphics – A cost effective form of advertising…

Wraps vs. Paint

Wraps vs. Paint

Vehicle graphics and fleet advertising has become increasingly popular in recent years. Though widely popular, there are still many questions that I get asked daily from fleet professionals. One of the most common is, “What advantages do wrapping a vehicle have compared to painting?” – Very good question!

There are four main advantages:  Cost, Versatility, Consistency and Resale Value


The cost of wrapping a vehicle and painting a vehicle can vary quite drastically depending on quality of materials and/or shop performing the work. With this said, in many cases wrapping a vehicle can be done at about half the cost of a custom paint job. Furthermore, installing a vehicle wrap usually takes a fraction of the time, which gets your fleet vehicle back on the road and working quicker.


Wraps can be used for long-term fleet use or short-term promotions.  As for short-term promotions, wraps can be easily removed and replaced to reflect your changing needs.  This is not the case with a painted vehicle.  A vehicle wrap is designed electronically, giving the client the ability to proof the design and make any changes before the actual wrap is printed and installed on your vehicle.  A custom paint job does not give you this flexibility and forgiveness to “change your mind” after viewing proofs, etc.


Your Marketing Department would consider this to be the most important advantage. Having a consistent image is ultra-important in today’s market.  It is nearly impossible to have two custom painted vehicles look 100% identical if done by the same painter, at the same time. Now let’s imagine this same paint job is completed by two totally different companies at opposite ends of the country. It is impossible to ensure a 100% match. A vehicle wrap gives a company the ability to ensure 100% brand continuity on every vehicle throughout the nation, no matter where the location. Even if your fleet consists of multiple vehicle types, the designs are easily manipulated on the computer to fit each vehicle type, while still maintaining consistency on every vehicle out in the field.

Resale Value:

When reselling a fleet vehicle, wraps are hands down the way to go. Vehicles that adorn “painted branding” or logos will eventually need to be repainted, usually at the cost of the company selling the vehicle.  Utilizing the easy removable nature of vehicle wraps allows a company to benefit from fleet advertising without incurring the cost of repainting the vehicle at the end of its life cycle. Additionally, the material used for wraps can potentially protect the original paint job, increasing the resale value.

Vehicle graphics do not replace the need for paint, and aren’t always the best option. However, vehicle graphics should definitely be considered and researched. From cost efficiency to creative flexibility, brand consistency to increased resale value, vehicle wraps serve a valued purpose in the fleet industry.

Written by: Scott A. Fronzaglia


Does Material Matter?

Does Material Matter?
A guide to choosing the proper material for your graphic projects.

Does your corporate fleet utilize vehicle graphics? Have you ever worked with a graphics company to produce a sign or banners for an upcoming event or promotion? Have you recently opened a company and are looking into wrapping your first vehicle?

Most fleet professionals, marketing executives or small business owners have a clear and concise vision of how the graphics should look. Many will have set goals for a marketing campaign or have a pre-determined expectation of how the graphics should last over time. Few however, possess the industry knowledge required to properly determine what vinyl types should be used for specific applications.

“I KNOW IT’S 3M VINYL”, is a common response I hear from new prospects when I ask what type of materials they’re currently using. There are many types of product grades and finishes available today. Simply stating a manufacturer does not identify the actual product. It is the equivalent of stating you drive a “Ford” or a “Dodge” to your insurance provider if asked.

Selecting the proper vinyl for your graphics project is the first step to completing a successful project at a cost-effective rate. Below is a short list of questions that should be asked when deciding which vinyl product works best for each project or application:

  1. WHAT IS THE DURATION OF YOUR PROJECT This should be one of the first questions asked. The project duration dictates what grade of material, production techniques and finish should be used. If a short-term material is used for a long-term project, material failure will be likely. If a long-term material is used for a short-term application, chances are the project could have been completed more cost-effectively
  2. WHAT SURFACE WILL THE MATERIAL BE APPLIED TO? Whether you have a vehicle that needs a wrap or a wall that will adorn a short-term ad for a new product launch, the surface will also dictate what material should be used.
  3. WILL MY PROJECT NEED PROTECTION? Overlaminates provide graphics with the ultimate line of protection against the elements. Not only do they help extend the life of graphics, they can even enhance graphics by making colors pop or improving readability. Choosing the right graphic protection or finish can be pivotal in determining the success of your next graphics project.
    Removal of graphics or signage can prove to be a very timely endeavor, especially if the proper materials were not initially used. When this happens, unexpected cost is involved. In addition, the removal process is likely to take much longer than originally anticipated.

For professional assistance in determining the best material for your next graphics project, email  Nate Nale of Associated Graphics, Inc.

Nate Nale